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Granting Successful Planning.



From policy and procedure development, to grant writing and strategic planning, we can meet 100% of your non-profit needs. 


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I'm Morgan, the founder and principal consultant of Morgan Christopher Consulting. My path in the world of charity consulting began when I embarked on a fulfilling journey, drawing upon my extensive work experience and varied life encounters. I cultivated a passion for applying my knowledge and skills towards a cause bigger than myself.


Early in my career, I gained insights into the wide range of challenges that nonprofit organizations face while working with various charities and service groups. This hands-on experience ignited within me a mission - to aid charities in surmounting these challenges through expert consulting services, enabling them to grow, realize their full potential, and make measurable impacts on the communities they serve.


After several years of field experience, I established my own consulting firm in early 2023. With a focus on strategic planning, fund development, operational control and streamlining, administration, and marketing and promotion, I strive to provide charities, and the occasional for-profit, with the tools they need to thrive.


I believe what sets me apart is my unique approach - combining data-driven strategies with a good dose of empathy. Building strong relationships with clients, understanding their unique problems, and creating personalized solutions are at the forefront of my approach. In addition to developing strategies, I take a special interest in aiding with implementation, ensuring my clients are able to accomplish their purpose and mission.


I've always fervently believed that giving back to society should extend beyond professional commitments. I live by the mantra that we each have a role to play in making the world a better place, and I echo this belief through both my work and personal life.


To encapsulate my philosophy, it's that 'Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.' With this principle guiding me, I've dedicated my career to assisting charities in creating long-lasting impact on the communities they serve.


My life and work are a testament to the beautiful confluence of passion and profession. Both are dedicated to catalyzing positive societal change, and my hope is that my efforts continue to inspire others. At Morgan Christopher Consulting, charities and for-profits find more than just a consultant. They find a partner who genuinely cares about their cause and is determined to make a difference. Together, we strive towards building a profitable, brighter, and more hopeful future.

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Morgan Christopher Consulting was unbelievably helpful to me when I needed support in marketing and advertising my new travel business. Morgan was resourceful and very knowledgeable in developing my website and designing flyers for social media. His digital and print creations have drawn more traffic to my business than I’d ever expected! 


Shelly Safronetz

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